Strata collaborates with you from conception to launch – and all the steps in between.

Identity & Branding

A clearly defined identity is the core of “who you are.” Coherent branding is how that identity touches “what you do.” An authentic identity creates a powerful and positive statement that connects the heart of an organization to the many contexts in which it exists. It generates clarity, builds relationships, and reflects the values the business aspires to.

Website Development

The process of developing or re-positioning an online presence reveals and clarifies direction that supports the mission and aligns an organization’s structure and purpose. Building an effective and strategically integrated digital footprint requires an understanding that looks at the whole system from the inside out – and the outside in.

Content Development

Identity encompasses much more than a logo – it’s part of a branding ecosystem that affects everything you do. Consistency of layout, typography and color are just part of the story. Generating touchstone content through image and copywriting is like finding your voice – to be seen and heard.

Strategic Alignment

Spark clarity by developing a values-driven mission/vision to serve as an internal compass, accelerate outcomes, and encourage cohesion between individual creativity and strategic goals. An organization that aligns their identity with mission objectives, purpose and people ultimately invests in improving more than just the bottom line.

Communications & Connection

Social and print media, online and traditional advertising, e-newsletters and mass emails need to be designed, planned, scheduled and on-message. Build internal and external relationships and connect to your target audience in a meaningful way – and be consistent across all platforms.

Training & Facilitation

Board Retreat Facilitation and Group Effectiveness Training workshops are key components to aligning an organization with its strategic objectives. By helping participants understand how groups evolve into high functioning teams, organizations build creativity, clarity and character that drives performance.

Compelling ideas come from an ability to see past the presenting narrative, out to where the organization’s aspirational ‘rubber’ meets the real-world ‘road’. Creative collaboration is at the core of how I work, and by embedding organizational development skills alongside marketing and design expertise, I generate a highly effective, holistic way to engage. This gets to the heart of the story; staying high enough up to get the balcony view of the whole system, yet close enough in to see the devil in the details. My approach closes the gap between aspiration and reality and becomes an opportunity for an organization to strategically and visually align who they are with what they do.